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2018 PAOF Young Bird Auction List in Upcoming Auctions Folder

The 2018 PAOF was held on April 6, the list of birds auctioned is located in the Upcoming Auctions folder for your review. If there are any errors please let us know. 

Please review the advertisements in the Upcoming Auction and Special Race folder. If there are any questions please call Stanley @ 732-446-4842.

500 mile King of the East Coast ships 6/21/2018

The King of the East Coast will ship on Thursday 6/21/2018, baskets close 9:30pm. The race will ship from the Perth Amboy.

The King of the East Coast will use Benzing Live for the lofts that have it, reporting Saturday before 10:00.

500 Mile 3 Bird Derby
500 Miles London, Ohio ship Thursday 6/21/2018
Liberate Saturday 6/23/2018
5,000 Points based on 50 Lofts
Prizes will increase or decrease based on Lofts entered
3 Bird Limit, $100.00 Entry per Loft plus shipping and committee

Any questions please call Stanley at 732-446-4842

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